Zish Android Developer

I made two games for the Android platform. :)
To check them out -> click here.

New YouTube Channel

I have started a new YouTube channel where I will be uploading stuff on a more or less regular basis.
Be sure to check it out! -> click here.

Motion Picture Soundtrack Competition 2014

I have participated in the Motion Picture Soundtrack Competition 2014 hosted by the Austrian Composer Association.
The task was to write the music for one of two short film sequences. I chose a sequence of the film ‘Blutgletscher’.

If you want to listen to my entry click here.

Interview with Maria Chiu

This is an interview with Maria Chiu held in 2013 in Wilhering/Linz/Austria. (In German language.)

Armin Herbsthofer Interview


Ainulindalë is my current orchestra project.
Being a huge Tolkien fan and admirer of Howard Shore's work (he composed the music for Peter Jackson's films) I felt the urge to write music for the not so well known Silmarillion, a book containing lots of background information about Middleearth and Arda.

Ainulindalë means Music Of The Ainur and is about the creation of the world, which was done by singing.
When the great spirits sang, the world was "composed".
In the "Work" section you can find my current score and also a .wav export from Finale 2012, the program I use in order to write down music.

Hopefully in the future I can add a better orchestration done with Cubase or, the best solution, with a real orchestra. ;)


Hi, my name is Armin and I'm a student of Physics with a great passion for music.
I'm especially interested in writing scores for films, advertisements, etc. Check out the music I've composed up to now.